Sweet paddu or paniyaram is an easy to make dish ready in no time and tastes absolutely delicious. Making them fills the house with a festive aroma. They are served as offering to deity during festivals. Banana, jaggery, coconut – what’s not to love about this dish! I have […]

Instant Sweet Paddu / Paniyaram

  My love for Iyengar bakery goodies is not new. I have shared my take on some of their baked goodness earlier too. To add to the list, yet another favourite – khara biscuit or savoury crackers/biscuits. ‘Khara’ means spicy in kannada and that’s exactly how these biscuits taste. These […]

Khara Biscuit / Savoury Crackers

  Anyone who has lived or visited Hyderabad cannot go past this recipe without thinking about not making them! The famous tutti frutti biscuits from very famous Karachi Bakery. In fact, it is widely available in Indian stores all over the world. But making these cookies at home takes the […]

Eggless Tutti Fruitt Cookies (Hyderabad Karachi Bakery Style Biscuit)

  This popular gluten free, vegan dish has so many names- paddu/gundponglu/paniyaram/guliappa.  It is prepared in what is called a paddu pan or appe pan. This was one utensil that was missing from my kitchen since I moved here, until recently. My brother who visited us a few weeks back […]

Paddu / Gundponglu / Paniyaram

  Ladi pav or pav bread are light and fluffy dinner rolls that are made with plain flour. Pav means bun and ladi in this case means 3-4 pav bread arranged together in a row. These delicate buns are perfect for pav-bhaji, vada-pav, misal-pav, and so on – which are […]

Ladi Pav or Pav Bread

  Mini Thali#19 Multi Layer Paratha –Triangle paratha or multi layer paratha is an easy flatbread and is made with just a few simple ingredients Navratam Korma – Navratan means nine gems – in this dish it’s nine vegetables and fruits. A combination of nuts, paneer (cottage cheese), and your favourite vegetables in a mild creamy […]

Mini Thali#19

Click on below links for individual recipes. Steamed rice Bittergourd fry – thinly sliced bittergourd or karela rubbed with salt and turmeric powder and shallow fried Salad made with fresh homegrown lettuce Mysore rasam – Pigeon pea lentil or toor dal cooked with tomatoes and freshly ground spice mix Cabbage dry curry – […]


  Anda bread or bread omelette is one of the most common foods that is great for breakfast, snack or even lunch. It’s a common street food too and has many variations in the way it is cooked. Everything that goes into making this quick and easy dish can be […]

Anda Bread (Bread Omelette)

  Mini Thali#18 Paneer tikka – Paneer cubes (cottage cheese) marinated and roasted to perfection Naan – Soft, fluffy leavened flatbread made with plain flour Dal Makhani – silky velvety dal makhani made with whole black lentil, red kidney beans, and butter; and finished with a touch of cream  

Mini Thali#18

  “A party without cake is just a meeting” – Julia Child How true is that! And with a cake like this one, there won’t be a person who would not be pleased with it. I have been wanting to bake a carrot cake since quite some time, and I’ve […]

Carrot Cake