Rice & Bread

“I think my soulmate might be carbs! ”

An Indian meal is incomplete without rice or bread. We Indians love our carbs. On a day when I just don’t want to cook, a steaming hot bowl of rice does wonders just with ghee (clarified butter) and pickle. Or for an indulgent dinner, I make stuffed flatbreads or deep fried puris. Every state have their own variation of cooking rice and bread – in terms of pulao, biriyani, paratha, poori, and what not. The list is never ending. I can only say, I can keep putting in new recipes in this page for many more years to come!

Triangle paratha or multi layer paratha is an easy flatbread and great for lunch box as they stay soft for long time. This paratha doesn’t have any stuffing and is made with just few simple ingredients. Don’t worry about getting the triangle shape right, just get the folds right and the […]

Triangle Paratha