Kadai Paneer Pizza

Pizza – we all love it… Do you know someone who doesn’t? There are so many ways of making a pizza. But have you tried a pizza in an Indian style? YUM. Enough said.

While in India we mostly had takeaway pizza, which was totally customised to suit our taste buds. Here in Melbourne, I started missing those flavours that I loved in a pizza. So I started making them at home. Today I will share with you the recipe of my favourite pizza… Kadai Paneer Pizza! The flavours and aroma of freshly ground Indian spices paired with cheese – food heaven! This pizza takes a bit more time to make when compared to regular ones, but trust me… it’s totally worth the effort. I prefer making the pizza base at home, but store bought ones can be used as well. 





For Pizza Base:
All purpose flour – 2 cup
Dry yeast – 2 tsp
Sugar – 1 tsp
Olive oil – 2 tbsp
Salt – 1 tsp
Milk powder – 1 tsp
Warm water  – ¾ cup approximately

For topping:
Kadai paneer – Click here for recipe (Add 2 tbsp tomato paste for extra sauce)
Mozzarella cheese
Coriander leaves for garnish


  1. Combine flour, salt, yeast, sugar, milk powder together in a large bowl
  2. Add oil and water and knead into a soft dough
  3. Cover with a cling wrap. Let the dough rest in a warm place for 1-2 hours or until it is double in size
  4. Place the dough on a lightly dusted surface and knead again for 2-3 minutes
  5. Divide into 4 balls, cover with a cling wrap and rest again for 10 minutes
  6. Roll each ball into circle, place on a baking tray and prick with a fork. Let it sit for another 5 minutes
  7. Preheat oven at 200 deg C
  8. Brush the pizza with sauce from kadai paneer and then spoon in the kadai paneer. Spread evenly
  9. Top with mozzarella cheese
  10. Lightly brush the ends of pizza with some olive oil / butter
  11. Bake for about 15 minutes until golden brown and cheese is bubbling
  12. Garnish with coriander leaves. Slice and serve hot



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