“Oh, I’m a Gummy Bear (yes)I’m a Gummy BearOh, I’m a yummy, chummy, funny, lucky, Gummy Bear I’m a jelly bearYes I’m a Gummy BearOh I’m a movin’, groovin’, jammin’, singin’, Gummy BearOh yeah!“ We love this song… And of course, love eating gummy bear while singing gummy bear!!!But not with […]

Gummy Bear

Click on individual links for recipe Steamed riceSauerkraut – finely cut raw cabbage that has been fermented Balyekai Palya – or plantain stir-fry is a simple dish made with just a handful of ingredients and is ready in less than 20 minutesGreen Mung Usli – Healthy and simple dish made […]


A simple healthy dish loaded with vegetables that is perfect for breakfast, snack and lunch boxes – definitely a keeper. Crustless veggie quiche muffins are grain-free and can be made with vegetables of your choice. I have used broccoli and carrots, but grated zucchini, cauliflower, peas or chopped spinach works […]

Crustless Veggie Quiche Muffins

Fermented foods have a long history and are a part of many cultures from thousands of years. They not only have numerous health benefits but are also a good way of storing vegetables. Pickles are the best example of fermented foods. In India, we make pickles with lemon, raw mango […]


Sweet, tangy, hot and most importantly super-delicious – this dish ticks all the flavour boxes. This scrumptious dish can be prepared in no time and is perfect for starters and pairs very well with noodles or ramen. Paneer combined with pineapple, honey, capsicum and chillis along with sesame oil makes […]

Sweet and Sour Paneer

Click on individual links for recipe Steamed rice and pickleGreen Mung Usli – Healthy and simple dish made with green mung dal and finished with loads of coconutSambar – Toor dal (pigeon pea lentil) cooked with freshly roasted spices and veggies of your choiceZucchini stir fry – Juicy tender zucchini […]


Beetroot halwa or pudding is made similar to carrot halwa with subtle differences. This creamy, rich dessert is made with four main ingredients – beetroot, milk , ghee and sugar. Beetroots have a natural sweetness to them, so requires very less sugar. I replace sugar with jaggery which gives this […]

Beetroot Halwa

Coconut is an integral part of every south Indian kitchen. It is used in most of our cooking either ground with spices to make a curry base or as a garnish over a finished dish. Coconut milk is used to make desserts like payasa and aamras. Coconut milk is a […]

How to make coconut milk

  Click on individual links for recipe Jeera Rice – basmati rice cooked with ghee, cumin seeds Dal fry – pigeon pea lentil or toor dal slow cooked with onion, tomatoes and aromatic spices Palak Chola – cooked similar to Palak paneer but replaced paneer with boiled chickpeas Kachumber salad – chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onion in […]


Spinach is a superfood that is loaded with nutrients. This iron-rich green leafy vegetable is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Spinach is used in cooking curries, dals, fritters and a huge variety of Indian food. It takes about four to six weeks from seeding to harvest making them […]

How to freeze spinach