Mooli paratha is radish stuffed flatbread made with whole wheat flour. This punjabi breakfast is easy to make and make a great lunch box dish too. These mildly spices parathas tastes great when served with raita, pickle and a dollop of butter. To make mooli paratha, I grate the […]

Mooli Paratha

  Gadbad ice cream is a very famous Indian ice cream sundae which originated in Udupi-Mangalore. I remember as a child our trips to Mangalore were incomplete without gadbad ice cream at Pabbas, which is a famous ice cream parlour in Mangalore. Gadbad ice cream is served in a transparent […]

Gadbad Ice cream

  Pineapple upside down cake – give way! Here comes the pineapple upside down pancake! These delicious eggfree pancakes are just the perfect way to bring the tropical flavours right to your dining table. This easy to make recipe is sure to delight everyone in your family and is such […]

Eggless Pineapple Upside Down Pancake

  Hard boiled eggs cooked with potatoes and peas in a onion-tomato gravy is a delight for egg lovers. Like most of Bengali style curries, the egg curry too has the Bengali staple – potatoes. This comforting curry is really easy to make on busy weeknights and  the leftovers are […]

Bengali Egg Curry

  Maddur Vada/vade is a famous savoury fritters from the Maddur region in Karnataka. Maddur is a small town that lies between Bangalore and Mysore. And anyone who has travelled from Bangalore to Mysore cannot go past maddur without eating the Maddur Vada. This snack is widely available in all […]

Maddur Vada

  The Bengali style tomato date chutney is a sweet- savoury-tangy chutney. In a proper Bengali meal this chutney is used as a palate cleanser and served along with papad just before desserts. This is also a wonderful accompaniment with khichuri (or khicdi). The dominating flavour of this chutney is […]

Tomato Date Chutney

  Click on below links for individual recipes. Amaranth green stir fry – healthy, nutritious dish that is ready in less than 15 minutes Soppina huli – sambar made with greens Badanekayi ennegayi – baby eggplants stuffed with spicy mixture and cooked to perfection Steamed rice Kachumber salad – chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onion in […]


  Capsicum masala or palya is a simple dish from north Karnataka where the capsicum is cooked in a coconut-peanut masala base. The freshly ground spices, the nutty taste from peanuts & coconut, the tang from the tamarind, and the slight crunch in the capsicum make this a winning dish […]

Capsicum Masala

  Click on below links for individual recipes. Mysore rasam – Pigeon pea lentil or toor dal cooked with tomatoes and freshly ground spice mix. Our family favourite and DD’s soul food Beans palya – Beans cooked with mild spices and finished off with loads of coconut Capsicum masala – mix of red […]


Finely shredded cabbage cooked with potatoes and peas – a simple yet very flavourful dish that we enjoy with rice, roti, and sometimes just by itself. This dish tastes best with freshly harvested winter cabbages. While this is a vegetarian dish, there is also a non-vegetarian version of bandhakopi torkari […]

Bengali style Cabbage Dry Curry (Bandhakopi Torkari)