Ramen is thick Japanese noodles made with wheat flour and has a soft and chewy texture. They are great to make soups and stir-fry. Ramen stir-fried with vegetables and a few sauces can be great for a quick meal. As with any stir-fry recipe, it is important to keep […]

Ramen Stir fry

A piping hot bowl of soup is so comforting on a cold winter night. And a soup that is ready in less than 15 minutes is a definite keeper when you are not in a mood to cook something elaborate. This healthy and delicious clear soup can be paired with […]

Lemon Coriander Soup

Idli or steamed lentil-rice cake needs no introduction to any Indian. This healthy, protein-rich breakfast is a staple in South India. It’s on the top of my list as a family-favourite. This fermented food is made with the split black gram or urad dal and idli rava (or rice rava). Idli […]


  Those who know me or have followed my food journey know my love for cupcakes and the fact that I prefer baking cupcakes over whole cakes. Then why not bake cheesecake as a cupcake rather than a whole cheesecake! Creamy cheesecake with a layer of biscuit crust and topped […]

Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes

The classic chocolate chip cookies that you will never get bored of. Sweet, crunchy with a soft centre is an all-time favourite with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee. And they are great as a dessert or for snack boxes too. I have added milk and white […]

Chocolate chip cookies

  This perfectly moist, delicate and delicious lemon drizzle cake is the best tangy-sweet thing you will bake.  And the best part of the cake – a surprise ingredient which you can never guess until you read the recipe. The main ingredient of the cake is the potato! Yes. You […]

Gluten-free Lemon Drizzle Cake

Jeera biscuit or cumin flavoured salty biscuits are simple, easy to make cookies that are perfect for tea-time. They are perfectly balanced being mildly sweet, mildly salty and lightly spiced. The distinct flavour of cumin adds a very unique flavour to these biscuits. A cup of masala chai and jeera […]

Jeera Biscuit (Cumin flavoured cookies)

  Sweet paddu or paniyaram is an easy to make dish ready in no time and tastes absolutely delicious. Making them fills the house with a festive aroma. They are served as offering to deity during festivals. Banana, jaggery, coconut – what’s not to love about this dish! I have […]

Instant Sweet Paddu / Paniyaram

  My love for Iyengar bakery goodies is not new. I have shared my take on some of their baked goodness earlier too. To add to the list, yet another favourite – khara biscuit or savoury crackers/biscuits. ‘Khara’ means spicy in kannada and that’s exactly how these biscuits taste. These […]

Khara Biscuit / Savoury Crackers

  Anyone who has lived or visited Hyderabad cannot go past this recipe without thinking about not making them! The famous tutti frutti biscuits from very famous Karachi Bakery. In fact, it is widely available in Indian stores all over the world. But making these cookies at home takes the […]

Eggless Tutti Fruitt Cookies (Hyderabad Karachi Bakery Style Biscuit)