Overripe banana are never thrown away in my kitchen. I use it to make either Mangalore bun or banana bread. I have earlier shared the recipe for banana bread. That version used eggs and it was pretty common in my kitchen, until recently. My sister-in-law who visited us a […]

Eggless Banana Coconut Bread

  Bengali style pumpkin curry or kumro chokka is made with pumpkin, potatoes and brown chickpea (or kala chana). This simple no onion-no garlic dish is an excellent accompaniment to both rice and roti. Traditionally it is a summer dish as pumpkin is available only during summer, but these days […]

Bengali Pumpkin Curry

  Click on below links for individual recipes. Steamed rice Dal fry – pigeon pea lentil or toor dal slow cooked with onion, tomatoes and aromatic spices Okra fry – slices of okra or bhindi shallow fried and seasoned with salt Mung bean salad – sprouted mung bean seasoned with salt, red chilli […]


  Tomato rice or tomato bath is a popular dish from Karnataka, made with loads of tomatoes and freshly ground spices. This spicy, tangy dish is ready in no time and is a great weekday meal. They are great for lunch boxes too. To make this flavourful dish, it is […]

Tomato Rice

  Mini Thali#17 Steamed rice Radish Sambar – sambar cooked with radish Bottle gourd curry  – quick and easy dish made with bottle gourd and minimal spices Instant tomato pickle  – or tomato thokku. Spicy, tangy pickle ready in no time  

Mini Thali#17

Food is medicine. It really is. And food that comes from the age old Ayurveda heals you from within. One such medicinal drink is tulasi kashaya or holy basil tea. Tulasi or holy basil is an important aspect of Hindu culture. We all have tulasi plant at home. Tulasi has […]

Tulasi Kashaya (Holy basil tea)

Turmeric needs no introduction. It is an important part of Indian cooking and an essential part of my spice box. Not a day goes by in my kitchen where I have not touched this magic ingredient. The health benefits it carries in numerous. While I use turmeric powder in my […]

Raw Turmeric Pickle

  Mini Thali#16 Bisi bele bath – rice, toor dal, veggies cooked with freshly ground spices and finished with generous helping of ghee Raita – whisked yogurt mixed with onions, tomatoes, and seasoned with salt and red chilli powder Shavige payasa – or vermicelli pudding in which I have added a bit of […]

Mini Thali#16

  I spent my childhood in a small township Kudremukha (now a world heritage site), which was about 100 kms from the beautiful coastal town Mangalore in Karnataka. Mangalore was our go-to place when it came to day trips, shopping, and of course beach time! What made our trips even more […]

Mangalore bun (Banana Bun)

What’s better than overripe bananas? Banana bread of course! This magical banana bread is moist and super yummy. I have made this so many times and turns out excellent in every bake. When served lightly toasted, this bread tastes out of the world for banana lovers (for every one actually)! […]

Banana Bread