Click on below links for individual recipes. Chicken Kebab – Juicy, succulent, melt-in-mouth kebabs where chicken is marinated overnight in a mix of spices and yogurt Jeera Rice – basmati rice cooked with ghee, cumin seeds and green peas Dal Makhani – silky velvety dal makhani made with whole black lentil, red kidney […]


  Balyekai palya or raw plantain stir-fry is a simple dish that tastes great with roti, rice-dal or curd rice. This dish is made with just a handful of ingredients and is ready in less than 20 minutes. The important step is to cook the plantain without adding any water […]

Balekai Palya or Raw Plantain Stir-Fry

  Malpua is a popular sweet dish made during festivals like Holi and Janmashtami. Malpuas are similar to pancakes and are made with plain flour and some semolina. The main flavour of malpua comes from fennel seeds which makes them very unique in taste. Malpua is generally soaked in sugar […]

Malpua (Without sugar syrup)

Holige saaru – a customary dish made every time holige or kadabu is made. This traditional dish is made with chana dal which is used as a stuffing for holige. Holige is a delicious sweet flatbread with a Bengal gram or chana dal stuffing, called hoorna. The water that remains […]

Holige Saaru

  Click on below links for individual recipes. Jeera Rice – basmati rice cooked with ghee, cumin seeds and green peas Dal Makhani – silky velvety dal makhani made with whole black lentil, red kidney beans, and butter; and finished with a touch of cream Palak paneer – Soft cottage cheese cooked in silky, mildly […]


  Shrikhand is a simple dessert made with hung curd (or yogurt). The hung curd is nothing but plain yogurt with all the whey drained out, making it very thick and creamy. This hung curd is then flavoured as per our likings. I have earlier shared the recipe of shrikhand […]

Strawberry Shrikhand

Kadabu is deep fried sweet dumplings with a dried coconut filling. It is a mandatory food during Ganesha Chaturthi. There are two types of filling that goes in them – one is hoorna (chana dal, jaggery and coconut) and the other one is dried coconut. I have shared the recipe […]

Fried Sweet Dumplings (Kadabu)

  Pineapple gojju is a sweet-spicy-tangy Karnataka dish similar to a curry. A ‘gojju’ a slightly thick curry which can be made with different vegetables like okra, bitter gourd, raw mango, but the best-tasting gojju is made with pineapples. It is a traditional dish that is a part of festivals […]

Pineapple Gojju (Pineapple Curry)

A very happy Ganesha Chaturthi to everyone celebrating ❤️ May Lord Ganesha bless you with all the happiness 🙏 And this was our festival meal. Starting from the left, clockwise… Cabbage palya – finely shredded cabbage cooked with minimal spices and loaded coconut (made similar to beans palya) Pineapple gojju […]


  We all love those delicious buttery shortbread cookies with our cuppa. The traditional shortbread cookies are baked with flour, butter and sugar. Recently I came across this recipe of gluten-free shortbread where the flour was replaced with almond meal. I tried it and we all loved it. This simple […]

Gluten-free almond shortbread cookies