Shavige payasa or vermicelli pudding – the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of sweets or desserts. This humble dessert is an integral part of my kitchen. I have it it millions of times and will never get enough of it. At my home, no occasion is […]

Shavige Payasa (Vermicelli pudding)

  Gasagase payasa or poppy seeds kheer in a traditional sweet dish from Karnataka. This simple dish is made with just 3 main ingredients – poppy seeds, coconut, and jaggery. Gasagase payasa is usually served as a drink rather than a thick kheer, but it tastes great either way. To […]

Gasagase Payasa (Poppy seed kheer)

Masala puri is the most popular street food of Karnataka. I love this chaat –  without a doubt it’s my favourite. Crushed crunchy puris soaked up in the spicy, tangy masala gravy, topped with onion, tomato and carrots… no other street food can beat this! This was one of the […]

Masala Puri

  On a lazy Sunday afternoon, the husband was watching a travel show on TV on Mathura. After covering the famous Sri Krishna temple and the rustic streets of the beautiful city, they showed how a local street vendor made the very famous Mathura Peda. Now, the Mathura peda is […]

Mathura Peda

  A swiss roll is a cylindrical cake with a spiral cross section, made from a flat sponge cake spread with a filling such as jam and rolled up. Today I have made a chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling. This wonderful chocolate swiss roll with chocolate cream filling is […]

Chocolate Swiss Roll

    Click on below links for individual recipes. Jeera Rice – basmati rice cooked with ghee, cumin seeds and green peas Dal fry – pigeon pea lentil or toor dal slow cooked with onion, tomatoes and aromatic spices Matar Paneer – Cottage cheese and green peas cooked in a rich creamy onion-tomato gravy Boondi […]


  Lachha paratha is a popular north Indian flat bread made with whole wheat flour. This multi layer flaky, yet soft paratha is made by creating many pleated folds while rolling the paratha. It is similar to the malabar paratha but is more healthier as lachha paratha is made with […]

Lachha Paratha

  If there is one food that needs no introduction, specially for the 80’s kids, it is this – Maggi noodles. I have eaten Maggi not just as a school kid, but during my hostel days, early career life, when bored, when not in a mood to cook, when tired […]

Street Style Maggi Masala Noodles with Vegetables

    Set dosa or set dose is yet another popular dosa from Karnataka. It is called set dosa as they are served in a set of 2 or 3. Set dosa is thicker, softer and fluffier than regular dosas. They are similar to pancakes and are served in stacks […]

Set Dosa

Khoya or khoa or mawa is dried milk solids that is used for making several Indian sweets and desserts. You just need one ingredient, and lots of time and patience to make khoya. I don’t prefer store-bought khoya as I find it is loaded with preservatives. The sweets I make […]

How to make Khoya