The good old versatile pasta with an Indian twist. I make this Indian style pasta with my favourite vegetables, and either paneer or chicken to add a nice depth (here I have used paneer). In this dish I only use Indian spices and not Italian herbs like oregano. Super delicious […]

Indian Style Pasta

  Cucumber kootu or ‘southekai kootu’ is a simple dal made with freshly ground spices and cucumber. Traditionally this curry is made with a special variety of cucumber (called Mangalore southekayi) used for cooking. That particular variety is not available here in Melbourne, so I use the Lebanese cucumber. Kootu […]

Cucumber Kootu

Cheese platters or cheese boards are becoming widely popular these days. They are great as a party center piece or perfect for events. Different types of cheese can be perfectly paired with sweet fruits, crispy crackers and delicious dips – the opportunities are endless! It is important to understand what […]

How to Create a Cheese Platter

  Dalia khicdi is broken wheat and moong dal porridge that is healthy, nutritious and a great alternative for the regular rice khichdi. It is a rich source of protein, fiber and iron. Broken wheat, lentils, vegetables and mild spices slow cooked in ghee tastes absolutely wonderful! In this you […]

Dalia Khichdi

Baby potatoes served with deep fried flatbread – quintessential Bengali breakfast. Luchi is deep fried flatbread made with plain flour or maida. It is similar to poori, which is made of whole meal flour or atta. Aloor dum is a spicy baby potato curry. Traditionally the aloor dum was made during […]

Luchi Aloor Dum

Masala chai (which literally means spiced tea) is the most common drink in every Indian household. A cup of masala chai along with a yummy snack is a must have every evening in most households. The mix of spices that is used to make masala chai varies in each household. […]

Masala Chai

  We are a big fan of cupcakes. They are just great for picnics, lunch boxes and untimely hunger pangs. Apart from the regular vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, tutti fruitty cupcakes are a regular from my kitchen. Recently I came across this recipe for orange and poppyseed cupcake and I wanted to […]

Eggless Orange and Poppyseed Cupcakes

Shankarpali – mildly sweet bite-sized cookies that literally melts in your mouth. There are two versions of shankarpali – one sweet cookie-like and another savoury. And both are our favourites and an integral part of our during Diwali celebrations. I also make them when we go for road trips. Perfect […]


Spicy Shankarpali are savoury deep fried biscuits made with plain flour. There is a sweet version of this as well, but I personally prefer the spicy ones more. Perfect tea time accompaniment. As a child I remember my mom making a large batch during festivals and school holidays and storing […]

Spicy Shankarpali (Savoury biscuits)

  7 cup burfi is essentially made with 7 cups of ingredients and is a simpler version of Mysore pak. This burfi is easy to make and is perfect for festivals and celebrations. The 7 cups of ingredients that go into making these delicious burfis are 1 cup each of […]

7 Cup Burfi