Tutti frutti cake is a childhood favourite of most people in India. Soft spongy cakes studded with colourful tutti frutti brings back so many wonderful memories for me. We have all grown up eating them in tea time snacks, lunch boxes, picnics, long journeys… Or mostly just like that! […]

Eggless Tutti Frutti Cupcake

  Click on below links for individual recipes. Palak paneer – Soft cottage cheese cooked in silky, mildly spicy spinach gravy and finished with touch of cream Baingan Bharta – Eggplants roasted on open flame and finished of with onion, tomato and minimal spices Naan – Soft, fluffy leavened flatbread in it’s signature tear-drop […]


  Cholar dal is a popular Bengali dal usually prepared on special occasions. This delicious dish is made with Bengal gram, whole spices and coconut, and is on the sweeter side. The aroma from whole spices and the texture from coconut makes it very unique. Cholar dal is a great […]

Cholar Dal (Bengali style chana dal)

  Gobi tikka or tandoori gobi is a simple, delicious dish and a perfect alternative for paneer tikka. Cauliflower florets marinated with yogurt and aromatic spices, and roasted to perfection is a great vegetarian starter or snack. Traditionally a tikka is roasted in a tandoor or clay oven. However, gobi […]

Gobi Tikka

  This was our meal on Ganesha Chaturthi. Click on below links for individual recipes. 🌿 Bisi bele bhath – rice, toor dal, veggies cooked with freshly ground spices and finished with generous helping of ghee 🌿 Bhajji – batter fried assorted vegetables 🌿 Kosambari – bengal gram and cucumber salad. I […]


Fenugreek leaves are known for their health benefits. Both fenugreek leaves and seeds are widely used in Indian cooking, in spite of its bitterness. The leaves are used in curry, side dish, rice, bread – everything you can think of really. I have grown up loving fenugreek lentil dal (sambar). But […]

Fenugreek leaf poori (Menthe soppu poori)

Burfi is similar to fudge. Typically this burfi is made by blanching almonds, making a paste out of it and cooking it. I usually make an easier version with almond meal and it turns out excellent. In fact, using almond meal instead of almonds gives it a non-sticky taste, similar […]

Almond Burfi

Indian cottage cheese in spinach gravy, aka palak paneer. Yet another famous Punjabi dish that’s our family favourite too. Soft cottage cheese cooked in silky, mildly spicy spinach gravy and finished with touch of cream. My 3 year old just loves what she calls the ‘green sauce and cheese’. As […]

Palak Paneer

Kobbari mithai or coconut burfi is a simple sweet dish with just two main ingredients – coconut and sugar. This is the most common and easiest form of burfi and is ready in less than 20 minutes. Some add milk or condensed milk to it, but it tastes better without […]

Kobbari Mithai (Coconut Burfi)

Broccoli is well know for its health benefits and is considered a superfood. This hearty vegetable is a powerhouse of antioxidants as well as a rich source of dietary fiber and vitamins. This was not a common veggie in my kitchen until I moved to Melbourne. But here, I make […]

Roasted Broccoli with Garlic