Rajma masala is red kidney bean curry in cooked in a luscious onion-tomato base. This popular Punjabi dish tastes best with rice but can be enjoyed with roti too. Red kidney beans or rajma is soaked overnight in water, boiled and then simmered in a classic curry base. Make […]

Rajma Masala

  Click on below links for individual recipes. Jeera Rice – basmati rice cooked with ghee, cumin seeds and green peas Rajma masala – red kidney beans curry cooked in a classic onion-tomato gravy Okra fry – slices of okra or bhindi shallow fried and seasoned with salt Boondi Raita – whisked yogurt mixed with […]


  Dharwad peda is a sweet delicacy unique to the state of Karnataka. It originated from Dharwad which is in north Karnataka. Dharwad peda is rich brown in colour unlike the traditional pedas made with khoya. Like any other peda, the main ingredient of Dharwad peda is milk. Making this […]

Dharwad Peda

  Mini Thali#20 Naan – Soft, fluffy leavened flatbread made with plain flour Dal Makhani – silky velvety dal makhani made with whole black lentil, red kidney beans, and butter; and finished with a touch of cream Palak paneer – Soft cottage cheese cooked in silky, mildly spicy spinach gravy and finished with a touch of […]

Mini Thali#20

  A hearty capsicum and corn soup with a distinctive smoky flavour. This creamy and mildly sweet soup is so comforting on a cold winter night. Roasting the capsicum directly on flame gives a unique flavour to the soup. This easy soup is ready in less than 20 minutes and […]

Roasted Capsicum and Corn Soup

  Healthy yet delicious oats and paneer tikki/cutlets are great for breakfast, snack and lunch boxes too. This gluten-free snack is very easy to make and can be served as an appetiser too. The best part is you can make the cutlets and freeze it. Pull out a few to […]

Oats and Paneer Tikki/Cutlet

  We all adore a pretty mirror glaze galaxy cake which has taken the world by storm. Bright and shiny mirror glaze capturing a slice of the galaxy is a delight to the eyes. Trust me it is totally worth trying. I made the galaxy cake for my son’s first […]

Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake

  Kheer or rice pudding is a famous dessert from India made by slow-cooking rice in milk and sweetening it with sugar. Probably one of the most common desserts, especially in north India, this simple rice pudding is made with just three main ingredients. In Bengal, this dish is called […]

Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Click on below links for individual recipes. Steamed rice Mysore rasam – Pigeon pea lentil or toor dal cooked with tomatoes and freshly ground spice mix Black-eyed peas curry – a wholesome simple dish made with minimal spices Masala banana chips (store bought) Carrot Halwa – carrot halwa or pudding, where grated carrots […]


  Ramen is thick Japanese noodles made with wheat flour and has a soft and chewy texture. They are great to make soups and stir-fry. Ramen stir-fried with vegetables and a few sauces can be great for a quick meal. As with any stir-fry recipe, it is important to keep […]

Ramen Stir fry