festival food

  Happy Yugadi/Ugadi to everyone… Yugadi habbada shubhashayagalu 🙂 And like every festival, food was the highlight of our celebration. Our Yugadi celebration thali had: Lemon rice – a simple flavourful dish where cooked rice is tossed with an easy tempering and a generous serving of lemon juice Mysore rasam – Pigeon […]


Khichuri served with either Panchmesali or bandhakopi torkari – important part of any Bengali festival. Khichuri or khichdi as it is more commonly known outside Bengal, is essentially rice, lentils and vegetables slow cooked together. Simple dish cooked in every household. But when this is made during festivals and given as offering to […]

Bhoger Khichuri

  Karjikai or karigadabu is deep fried sweet dumplings with a dried coconut filling. It is a mandatory food during Ganesha Chaturthi and Deepavali celebrations. It is similar to gujiya made in north India. There are two types of filling that goes in them – one is hoorna (chana dal, […]

Karjikai (Fried sweet dumplings)