Click on below links for individual recipes.

🌿 Steamed rice topped with ghee

🌿 Sambar – pigeon pea lentils cooked with freshly ground spices and vegetables of your choice

🌿 Beetroot palya – I cook this similar to beans palya. Beets stir fried with minimal spices and topped with coconut

🌿 Ridge gourd peel chutney – Next time you use up the ridge gourd, hold on to that peel to make a lip-smacking chutney. A perfect accompaniment to breakfast/lunch/dinner

🌿 Salad and plain yogurt

🌿 Mixed vegetable curry – The beet greens and pumpkin were the main ingredients of this delicious flavourful dish. I tempered in panchforan (Bengali five spice) and literally put in a bit of almost all vegetables I had. I finished it off with freshly roasted spices and a bit of ghee. The result was an absolutely delicious yet simple medley of vegetables


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