We all love a loaf of delicious, hand-crafted real bread, and it only gets better when it can be baked at home. We are big on fermented foods and over the last couple of years, rice and rotis have been replaced most of the time with dosa and idli. It […]

No-Knead Sourdough Bread

 The stretch and fold method helps develop the gluten in the dough and strengthen high hydration doughs. When making sourdough, the initial dough is very sticky and shaggy. This is because it has a high hydration. By doing stretch and fold at regular intervals, the dough develops good strength. You […]

How to Stretch and Fold the dough for Sourdough Bread

 Once the starter is in the refrigerator, you will need to get it out of hibernation and activate it before baking. To do it, take the starter out of the fridge and feed it 8-12 hours before you plan to start making the dough. A healthy, mature starter should be […]

Preparing Sourdough Starter for Baking

 I have earlier shared how to create a sourdough starter and troubleshooting techniques as we create the starter. Once the starter is mature, you can consider how to store and maintain it. Where you want to store your starter depends on how frequently you bake. If you use the starter […]

Maintaining Sourdough Starter

 Sourdough starter is a fermented mixture of flour and water which is used as a leaven to bake sourdough bread. Think of it as the yeast that you use for bread baking – only that it is wild yeast and not the commercial ones available at the market. The process […]

How to make Sourdough Starter

 Deviled eggs, aka dressed eggs or stuffed eggs, are hard-boiled eggs that has been cut into half and filled with a creamy stuffing made with the yolk. Beetroot dyed deviled eggs are a very vibrant variation of the classic deviled eggs where the hard-boiled eggs are first dyed in beetroot […]

Beetroot-dyed Deviled eggs

 Click on individual links for recipes Steamed rice, tovve (boiled toor dal), tuppa (ghee)Puliyogare – Karnataka style tamarind riceBeans palya – french beans cooked with minimal spices and loaded coconutSambar – Toor dal (pigeon pea lentil) cooked with freshly roasted spices and veggies of your choiceKadlekalu usli – Healthy and […]


 Mirch ki sabji is a dry curry that is made with mildly-spiced chilli that can be served with either roti or rice. This is a very simple dish that is ready in less than 15 minutes using chickpea flour (besan), peanuts and a handful of spices along with chillies. Depending […]

Mirch ki sabji

 Lauki halwa or dudhi halwa is a rich, creamy dessert made with lauki or bottle gourd. It is made in a similar way as carrot halwa. Grated bottle gourd is reduced with milk, then sugar and ghee is added and it is finished off with nuts. Traditionally, lauki halwa is […]

Lauki Halwa

 Handvo is a savoury vegetable cake that is a popular Gujrati food. It is a mix of fermented lentils and rice which is loaded with vegetables and cooked. It is a simple and easy dish that is healthy and nutritious that is great for breakfast and lunch box. Typically, to […]

Handvo made with Idli Batter