Banana Pancake

This one is one of our family favourite. Banana pancakes are so quick and easy to make, they make a great weekday breakfast. And they are so delicious, you will love them on lazy weekends. I’d say they are perfect for any time of the day!

Get creative with serving them… Icing sugar, maple syrup, nutella, honey – so many options. Or add a dollop of vanilla ice cream for that indulgent dessert for breakfast!!


banana pancake



Banana – 1
Self raising flour – 1 cup
Milk – ¾ cup
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Salt – a pinch
Cinnamon powder – ¼ tsp
Vanilla essence – ¼ tsp
Butter – 1 tbsp plus for frying the pancakes
Choco chips – a handful (optional)
Icing sugar – for dusting


  1. Mash the banana in a bowl until pulpy
  2. Add milk, melted butter, sugar, salt, cinnamon and vanilla essence. And mix thoroughly
  3. Fold in the flour into this mixture
  4. The mixture should be of pouring consistency. If it gets too thick, add 2-3 tbsp milk
  5. Fold in the chocochips
  6. Heat a fry pan and add butter. Pour the pancake mixture using a ladle and let it cook until there are bubbles on top
  7. Flip over and cook the other side
  8. Dust icing sugar over them before serving


  • You may use overripe bananas to increase the banana flavour
  • Serve with maple syrup or honey and a dollop of butter