Chutney, Dips & more

If you are looking for something sweet, tangy, and spicy at the same time that bursts with flavours, then the answer is chutney. In India, chutneys are an integral part of the cuisine. In South India, chutneys are more of accompaniments in breakfast. While in Bengal, chutney is more like a palate cleanser, eaten after the main course but before desserts. Irrespective of how and when it is eaten, most of our street food is incomplete without it. There are so many variety and variations in chutneys that if I make one per day, I will take years to repeat them.

 The Indian street food and snacks are incomplete without this versatile chutney. Ready in minutes, this chutney lifts the taste of street food, kebab, or any appetiser. Serve this alongside your favorite snack and tickle your taste buds with this spicy, tangy chutney.     Ingredients: Mint leaf – 1 cup […]

Mint Chutney