Kids Lunchbox Ideas

My little girl started school this year! How fast does time fly :-(
And with school, starts the daily affair of the lunchbox. In this section, I will put together the range of foods that I pack for her. She is on a gluten-free diet so that cuts down my options tremendously. I am still working on adding as much variety as I can making sure it is healthy. But there are a few basic things that I follow in all her lunchboxes:
a) it is completely home cooked
b) it is gluten-free
c) it has a serving of fruit
d) I try to use organic wherever possible
e) it has a serving of yogurt or any other form of fermented food

She gets pretty excited every morning to see what I am packing for her and her lunchboxes come back mostly empty. Join me in this exciting, healthy and delicious lunch box journey and do give them a try.