Mini Thalis

Anyone who knows me or have followed me through my food journey are well aware of my love for thalis. Thalis are nothing but round plates used to serve food. It has a combination of different curries, dal/lentils, rice, flatbread, and salads that goes together very well. It is often completed with a small portion of dessert too. I have kept posting different thalis that I create. Thalis are not just a wonderful way to present your food and make it look very appetising, it is also a great way to control your portion size.

This post is a collection of thalis that are not so elaborate and are something we all cook in our kitchens every day. I sometimes serve the day-to-day food that comes out of my kitchen in this form and this is loved by everyone. I call them mini-thalis as they have fewer dishes than an elaborate thali that I make. Read on, feast your eyes, and create your mini thali 🙂

    Mini Thali#19 Multi Layer Paratha –Triangle paratha or multi layer paratha is an easy flatbread and is made with just a few simple ingredients Navratam Korma – Navratan means nine gems – in this dish it’s nine vegetables and fruits. A combination of nuts, paneer (cottage cheese), and your favourite vegetables in a mild […]

Mini Thali#19