Snacks, Street food & more

“There is no sincere love than love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

The most exciting part of Indian cuisine is snacks and street food. Snacks and tea in the evening is an essential part of every Indian household without a doubt. For us Indians, a day without snacks is a day wasted. Fry it, cook it, bake it, steam it – don’t skip it! Here I will put together some exciting snacks and street food that will leave you drooling.

    Nuchina unde or steamed lentil dumpling is a healthy snack popular in the state of Karnataka. ‘Nuchu’ means broken and unde means ball or dumpling. In this recipe, the dal is broken by coarsely grinding it and is then shaped into dumplings and steamed in an idli stand. […]

Steamed lentil dumplings (Nuchina Unde)