Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

Indian Chinese cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes through a larger offering of dishes. The Indian Chinese cuisine is said to have been developed by the small Chinese community that has lived in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) for over a century. Today, Chinese food is an integral part of the Indian culinary scene.  (Source: Wiki)

Here is my recipe of chicken fried rice. My little secret ingredient is the fish sauce, which does wonders to the flavour. Adding this to the indo-chinese dishes goes a long way in enhancing the taste of the dishes.


chicken fried rice



Rice – raw, 2 cups
Chicken without bone – 500 grams, thinly sliced
Oil – 4 tbsp
Garlic – 2 cloves, finely chopped
Ginger – 1 inch, thinly sliced
Vegetables – 2 cups, thinly sliced (onion, cabbage, carrot, capsicum, beans, etc.)
Eggs – 2, lighten beaten
Soya sauce – 2 tbsp
Chilli sauce – 2 tbsp
Tomato sauce – 1 tbsp
Vinegar – 1 tbsp
Fish sauce – 1 tbsp
Salt and pepper – to season
Spring onion greens – to garnish

To make the stock:
Chicken bones – 500 grams
Carrot – 1 large, diced
Onion – 1 large, diced
Cilantro – 1 bunch
Bay leaves – 2
Peppercorns – 8-10
Ginger – ½ inch
Water – 6 cups


  1. To make the stock, bring water to boil in a stockpot and add all the ingredients. Simmer for about 1 hour and keep skimming  off the foam that is formed. Strain the liquid into a large bowl and discard the solids
  2. Wash the rice and cook it with 4 cups of prepared stock – ensure all the stock is absorbed in the rice.. Set aside
  3. Mix the soya sauce, vinegar, chilli sauce and fish sauce in a small bowl and set aside
  4. In a sauce pan, put the sliced chicken and sufficient water. Season with salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 5 minutes or until the chicken in completely poached. Drain and set aside
  5. Lightly beat the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Place a large wok over high heat and add oil. Add the eggs and stir fry till lightly cooked. Set aside
  6. In the same oil add ginger, garlic and saute for a minute. add vegetables and stir fry on high heat for 2-3 minutes
  7. Add the sauce mixture and stir well
  8. Add the chicken, rice and eggs. Stir continuously on high heat for 2-3 minutes till combined
  9. Garnish with spring onions and serve hot


  • You can make this using plain cooked rice, but cooking the rice in chicken stock makes it very flavourful. To reduce cooking time you can use store bought stock
  • It is essential to keep all the ingredients ready and handy before starting cooking. Chinese cooking is done on high heat very quickly
  • This is a great dish to use up left over chicken roast. 
  • Soak some chopped chilli in vinegar for at least 2 hours for serving alongside. Great for a nice chilli kick