Another day another lunchbox!! And the little girl who went wowww!!! Pizza Dosa – Dosa topped with pizza sauce, toppings and cheese.Paneer tikka – Paneer cubes (cottage cheese), onion and capsicum marinated and roasted to perfection.Homemade yogurt – Making yogurt at home is the best option as it has all […]

Kids Lunchbox#4

New week new lunchbox! In her box today:Dhokla – Khaman dhokla is Gujarati dish very similar to the south-Indian idli. Scrambled eggs – Soft and fluffy eggs scrambled with a dash of milk.Roasted makhana – Fox nuts roasted until crunchy and seasoned with salt and pepper.Carrot halwa – Grated carrots […]

Kids Lunchbox#3

#tastytuesday calls for a tasty lunch box! Grain-free almond bread with strawberry jam – super healthy and delicious bread made with almond meal goes perfect with this jamGreen mung usli – A healthy and simple dish made with green mung dal and finished with loads of coconut Kiwi.Gummy bear – […]

Kids Lunchbox#2

#firstdayofschool And in her lunch box there was:Idlis – Steamed lentil-rice cake. This healthy, protein-rich breakfast is a staple in South India (I cut them into bite-size pieces and tossed in ghee and chutney pudi).Cheese hearts – cheddar cheese slice cut using a cookie-cutter.Gummy bear – a super easy recipe […]

Kids Lunchbox#1

Mini Thali#23 Idli – Steamed lentil-rice cake. This healthy, protein-rich breakfast is a staple in South India Homemade butter – All you need to make fresh butter is cream, a whisk and some muscle power to make delicious fresh butter Radish Sambar – Toor dal (pigeon pea lentil) cooked with […]

Mini Thali#23

If you are looking for gluten-free, grain-free bread and wanting to eat something that tastes like the regular bread, then this is the recipe. I have been trying to make grain-free bread which is not only healthy but also super delicious. I’ve finally been able to get it right! Made […]

Grain-free Almond Bread

This simple, refreshing, tangy and naturally sweet juice is so easy to make and perfect for keeping you hydrated in summer. Watermelon is usually so sweet in itself that it does not need any sugar to be added. I like to chill the watermelon before blending it. Watermelon has numerous […]

Watermelon Juice

Dosa is crepes made with fermented lentils and rice and is a common breakfast food from South India. It is famous all over India and is even eaten as street food too. Several types of dosa are made traditionally but the regular dosa batter can be used to make fusion […]

Pizza Dosa

Click on individual links for recipe Multi-Layer Paratha –Triangle paratha or multilayer paratha is an easy flatbread and is made with just a few simple ingredientsAchari Paneer – Cottage cheese curry flavoured with pickling spicesDal fry – pigeon pea lentil or toor dal slow cooked with onion, tomatoes and aromatic […]


Achari paneer is cottage cheese curry flavoured with pickling spices. It has a very unique flavour and tastes very different from the regular onion-tomato based curries. This dish tastes great with plain paratha or plain rice. Use the leftover curry in wraps to make a delicious lunch. The spicy, tangy […]

Achari Paneer