Click on individual links for recipes Steamed rice, cucumber slicesBeans Palya – french beans cooked with minimal spices and loaded coconutMajjigehuli – yogurt-based bottle gourd curry (similar to the north Indian kadhi)Green Mung Usli – Healthy and simple dish made with green mung dal and finished with loads of coconut […]


 #humpday lunchbox that I packed for her today… Lamb kofta sans the curry (she likes to dip them in yogurt) – Succulent lamb mince is mixed with versatile Indian spices and deep fried Almond bread bites – super healthy and delicious bread made with almond meal Homemade Yogurt – Making […]

Kids Lunchbox#9

 Her soul food in her lunchbox today. Idli – or steamed lentil-rice cake is healthy, protein-rich breakfast is a staple in South IndiaSambar – Simple and nutritious sambar pairs perfectly with idlisBeans stir fry – Beans cooked with mild spices and finished off with loads of coconut Cheese and strawberries

Kids Lunchbox#8

 Hump day lunchbox!Ade dosa made in paddu pan (yes we love paddu) – Ade dose is a healthy, protein-rich, low GI, power-packed savoury crepes Chicken tikka – Juicy, succulent, melt-in-mouth kebabs made with marinated chickenHomemade Yogurt – Making yogurt at home is the best option as it has all the […]

Kids Lunchbox#7

 #mondaymotivation In her lunchbox today:Paddu/appe – bite-sized slightly crispy on the outside, soft inside paddus are absolutely delicious and perfect for lunchboxesGrain-free coconut bread bites with strawberry jamHomemade Yogurt – Making yogurt at home is the best option as it has all the good bacteria and probiotics intact. Cherry tomato […]

Kids Lunchbox#6

 This delicious and healthy bread is easy to make and is a great substitute if you are looking for gluten-free options. They are quite dense and similar to sandwich bread in texture. Just three basic ingredient (two of which are made with coconut) is what you need to make this […]

Grain-free Coconut Bread

 We all love cheese crackers. This addictive cheese goodness is perfect to munch on for a quick snack. And obviously like every other processed food that we can buy, the store-bought ones come with all the nasty preservatives, additives and flavours. So I prefer making them at home. My daughter […]

Gluten-free Cheese Crackers

  Click on individual links for recipe Steamed riceSambar – Toor dal (pigeon pea lentil) cooked with freshly roasted spices and veggies of your choice Cabbage Palya – finely shredded cabbage cooked with minimal spices and loaded coconut (made similar to beans palya)Beetroot Raita – yogurt-based accompaniment or condiment made […]


 Click on individual links for recipe Hesaru bele payasa (moong dal kheer) – Made with moong dal or split green gram and flavoured with coconut milk, this simple vegan dessert is refined sugar-free.Lemon rice – a simple flavourful dish where cooked rice is tossed with a simple tempering and a […]


 Raita is a yogurt-based accompaniment or condiment that is great with everyday meals and also a great dip. This chilled dish is made by seasoning yogurt with a few spices along with vegetables or fried tiny chickpea droplets called boondi. The most commonly used vegetables in raita are cucumber, tomato […]

Beetroot Raita