Jolada Rotti

Jolada rotti/jowar roti or sorghum flatbread is a very healthy, gluten free flatbread made with sorghum flour. Sorghum is a powerhouse of nutrients, and very rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is highly recommended for managing diabetes and improving digestive health.

Jolada rotti served with homemade butter and ennegayi (stuffed eggplant curry) is the signature dish of north Karnataka. Unlike regular flatbread, they are not rolled using a rolling pin. Rather you need to pat the dough with your fingers to make them thin and flat. Even after making them for many years, my rottis are far from perfect. But they have improved tremendously with time. It may take slightly more effort than making roti/chapati, but the health benefits it brings along are absolutely worth the effort.




Jolada hittu (sorghum flour) – 1 cup plus ½ cup for dusting
Water – 1 ½ cups
Salt to taste


  • Pour water in a sauce pan and bring to a rapid boil
  • Turn off the flame and add salt. Gradually add the flour and mix
  • Cover and keep aside for 10 minutes
  • When the mixture is still warm, but cold enough to handle, knead it into a smooth dough
  • Take a lemon size ball of dough and cover it with dry flour
  • Place on a clean dry surface and start patting it gently with your fingers
  • Dust with flour as needed and keep patting it into round discs
  • Heat a griddle or tawa and carefully place the rotti onto it
  • Take a small piece of muslin cloth and immerse it in water. Rub the upper side of rotti with this cloth to apply a thin layer of water
  • Let the rotti cook until the water evaporates
  • Flip the rotti and gently press it so that the rotti fluffs up
  • Remove from griddle and serve hot


  • The amount of water depends on the quality of flour used. If the dough needs more water, make sure you add warm water, and not cold water
  • If you are not able to pat the rotti, you may place the dough in between two baking sheets and roll using a rolling pin