Choc-dipped Strawberries

Spring is here… and so are strawberries πŸ™‚ With more picnics and barbeques getting lined up, there can’t be an easier treat to keep the kids happy outdoors. So easy to make and tastes divine. Surely a crowd pleaser, not just with kids, but adults too. After all, we all love chocolates and strawberries πŸ™‚

I have adapted this recipe from the September issue of Coles magazine. I have skipped the food colouring – instead used milk and white chocolate. To make these beauties, I melted white and milk chocolate separately in a double boiler. I then placed them in narrow glasses and dipped the strawberries into the melted chocolate. I then decorated it with some sprinkles and coloured sugar. Done. 

Try this and enjoy!


choc dipped strawberries



Strawberries – 10-15
Melting chocolate, white and milk – a handful each
Vegetable oil – few drops
Sprinkles and coloured sugar


  1. Wash and pat dry the strawberries. Make sure there is no water on them, as this will make the chocolate seize
  2. Melt white chocolate and milk chocolate separately on a double boiler or microwave in short bursts. Add a few drops of vegetable oil once melted
  3. Spoon into narrow glasses/cups. Dip the strawberries and place on a lined tray
  4. Add sprinkles and coloured sugar to decorate
  5. For the drizzles, place a small amount of melted chocolate in a sandwich bag and seal it. Make a small cut in the corner and drizzle
  6. Place them in the refrigerator for few minutes until set
  7. Enjoy


choc strawberries