Dry Fruits Laddoo


Nuts, dates, raisins, and absolutely no sugar! Can a snack get this good? Of course yes!

These little wonder bites can be put together in minutes and stays fresh for a week when stored in an airtight container. I don’t have to even mention how healthy the ingredients that go into them are. They taste absolutely divine.

As a child I remember eating these dry fruit laddoo mostly during festivals. They were one of my favourites. Now I make and store them regularly. These are my husband’s favourite snacks! My daughter never says No to them and loves munching on them…

To make these laddoos, I blitz pitted dates in food processor. I saute poppy seeds and nuts in a pan with some ghee/clarified butter. I mix in the pitted dates and combine until it comes together. The dates binds the entire mixture together. While the mixture is still hot, I make small balls out of it. Done. Simple, healthy snack ready in minutes.

PS: In case you are wondering, in India Dry Fruits means nuts (cashew, almonds, pistachio, walnuts etc. but excludes peanuts) along with dried fruits (Dates, Raisins, Figs, Apricot etc.)





Mixed nuts – 1 cup (I use cashew, almond, pistachio)
Dates – 1 cup, pitted
Raisins – a handful
Poppy seeds – 1 tbsp
Clarified butter – 1 tbsp
Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
Extra chopped pistachios for garnish


  1. Roughly chop the nuts and set aside
  2. Chop the dates and blitz them in a food processor or mixie
  3. In a fry pan, heat clarified butter. Add poppy seeds and chopped nuts and stir for 2-3 minutes until they are aromatic
  4. Add raisins and stir for a few seconds
  5. Reduce the flame. Add the chopped dates and mix well
  6. Mix for 4-5 minutes stirring continuously till it comes together to form a ball. The dates binds the whole mixture together
  7. Add cardamom powder and mix well
  8. Turn off the heat and let it stand for 2-3 minutes
  9. While it is still warm, make small round shapes and roll on chopped pistachios
  10. Dry fruit laddoos are ready to be served or stored


  • Make the laddoos while the mixture is still hot
  • Make sure the dates are blitzed well else they will not bind together
  • Cardamom powder is optional, but it gives a wonderful aroma and taste to the laddoos
  • You may use desiccated coconut either while making the laddoos or use them as garnish


Dry fruits laddoo rolled in desiccated coconut

Dry fruits laddoo rolled in desiccated coconut