This was our meal on Ganesha Chaturthi. Click on below links for individual recipes.

🌿 Bisi bele bhath – rice, toor dal, veggies cooked with freshly ground spices and finished with generous helping of ghee

🌿 Bhajji – batter fried assorted vegetables

🌿 Kosambari – bengal gram and cucumber salad. I have shared the recipe for carrot kosambari. This is prepared the same way

🌿 Karjikai – deep fried dumplings with a filling of coconut, sugar and nuts

🌿 Holige – (Puranpoli/obattu) These lentil stuffed flatbreads are an absolute must at my home for this occasion. Bengal gram sweetened with jaggery is used as the stuffing.  Enjoy hot holige by smearing a dollop of ghee (clarified butter) and warm milk

🌿 Akki kadlebele payasa – boiled rice and Bengal gram sweetened with jaggery and finished with lots of dried coconut