Coriander Powder in Indian Languages English - Coriander Powder  Hindi - Dhaniya powder (pronounced 'paudar') Kannada - Kothambari pudi Telugu - Kottimira podi Tamil - Kottamali thool Gujarati - Kothamira pavadar Bengali - Dhone guro Punjabi - Dhaniya powder

Coriander seeds are the dried fruit of the coriander plant. These round light brown seeds are used in Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Asian cuisines

To make coriander powder, first sun dry the coriander seeds

Alternatively, you may also lightly dry roast the coriander seeds on low heat

Grind the coriander seeds in small batches

Grind into a fine powder 

Store in an air tight container in a cool dark place

Coriander powder can also be stored in the freezer for up to one year

Growing Coriander or Cilantro   Plant coriander seeds in the cooler season in full sun. In 2-3 weeks you will have small coriander plants. Use the fragrant leaves in cooking or as a garnish.

Once the coriander plant bolts, it produces masses of beautiful white flowers that attracts beneficial insects e.g. bees in the garden.

Coriander seeds can be harvested once the seeds turn brown

A few plants produces enough coriander seeds to last the whole year