Fermented Rice Noodles 

Ingredients 2 cups rice water salt

Soak the rice in water and let it sit for three days (first fermentation)

Let the rice soak in salt brine for two to three days (Second fermentation)

Grind the rice with minimal water using a stone grinder or mixie

Let the ground paste sit overnight

Pour the ground rice paste onto muslin or cheesecloth

Place a heavy weight on top and let it ferment for two days (third fermentation)

Dried rice starch after third fermentation

Add hot water and knead the rice starch

Keep adding water slowly and knead the rice starch

Place it in fresh muslin or cheesecloth and steam it

Steam until it is partially cooked. The outer 0.5 cm should be cooked (gelatinised)

Pound the dough and mix well

Add hot water and knead until the starch is creamy

Pass the creamy rice starch through the muslin cloth

Pour the rice starch into an extruder (chakli press)

Press the noodles carefully into boiling water

The noodles are cooked when they start floating

Transfer the noodles into cold water. Rinse the noodles with cold water three times. Glossy noodles ready to serve