Heat oil. Add cumin seeds and fennel seeds

Saute for a few seconds

Add chopped onions

Saute till onions are translucent

Add ginger and saute

Add tomato puree, turmeric, chilli powder, and salt

Cover and simmer for 3-5 minutes or until the spices are cooked

Add potato, carrot, green beans, and peas

Cover and simmer until the vegetables are cooked well, but are not mushy

Finish with garam masala, coriander leaves, and lemon juice

Cut Puff Pastry sheet into 4 parts

Brush water on all sides

Place 1-2 tbsp of the filling

Bring the sides together and seal. Using a fork press gently on the sides

Brush with milk

Bake for 15-20 minutes at 220 C  (430 F) till the crust is golden

Veg puff ready to serve

Serve hot with ketchup or a dip of your choice