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Homemade rice flour




  • 2 cups rice (I used dosa rice)
  • Water to soak rice


  • Wash the rice thoroughly in water
  • Soak the rice in fresh water for a minimum of three to four hours
  • Drain all the water from the rice
  • Place a clean and dry kitchen towel in a warm spot (like a window)
  • Spread the rice onto the kitchen towel. Make sure it is spread in a thin layer
  • Let it dry completely. This may take three to four hours
  • Grind it in a blender into a very fine powder in two batches
  • Pass the ground rice flour through a sieve
  • You can add the small praticles from the sieve back into blender and grind again
  • Rice flour is ready to be used or stored


  • Soak the rice for a minimum of three to four hours. The more you soak, the easier it is to grind
  • I prefer to soak the rice for 24 hours as this helps to activate the rice
  • Make sure the rice is completely dry before grinding. It should not have any moisture content
  • 2 cups of rice gave me approximately 3 cups of rice flour